Trenditional Textured Wall Designs

Decorative wall plaster, as the name indicates, is a technique in which plaster is applied directly on a surface to create decorative 3D wall art. Although it can be applied to any interior or exterior surface, decorative plaster is most commonly applied to walls. It has a purely aesthetic value and can be used to spruce up virtually any wall. A variety of effects can be achieved to match the surrounding décor and make a wall stand out. The technique was popularly used in the Roman Empire and became popular later in Europe during the late medieval ages. It has made a comeback in recent years and is popularly used for the décor of homes and commercial establishments across Australia.

Decorative Wall Plaster Finishes

When it comes to decorative wall plaster, you can choose from a variety of finishes. There are plenty of options related to the colour, design, texture and outlook of the finished plaster so that you can fully customise the end result. Popular wall plaster finishes include pebble cast, sgraffito and roughcast. While these are more traditional techniques, modern techniques utilise new ingredients to create more dramatic effects with decorative wall plaster. Craftsmen today utilise ingredients like metallic pigments to create a unique sheen, shine and colour to the decorative plaster.

You can choose from a variety of textures. From matte finishes to more glossy finishes with a soft depth and luminosity, various techniques are used to achieve different textures for the decorative plaster finishes. With these options to choose from, you can have a designer create unique and stunning designs that will go well with any wall and any setting.

Benefits of using Decorative Wall Plaster

Decorative wall plaster, unlike standard Venetian plaster, is meant specifically to add a decorative element on to a wall. However, decorative plaster may be combined with Venetian plaster techniques. Here are some key benefits of using decorative wall plaster:

  • Aesthetics. The key benefit of using decorative wall plaster is that it brings a unique kind of aesthetics to your walls. Unlike paintings, painted objects or other décor options, wall plaster is more durable and can be made to blend more directly with the surface of the wall.

  • Synthesis. With decorative wall plaster, the decorative elements are directly sculpted onto a wall. This makes the plaster-based 3D wall art a unique form of décor.

  • Versatility. Plaster is a very flexible and versatile material to work with. As mentioned above, you have endless colour, texture and other options to choose from. This makes sure that you can match and mix the plaster to suit virtually any wall and surface. This is in contrast to other decorative materials which offer a limited scope of creativity.

  • Organic. The ingredients used in decorative wall plaster are usually organic and non-toxic. This makes it a very eco-friendly choice of finishing that is particularly suitable for homes and residential buildings.

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